Mr.Tomatos Game Online Play for Free

Welcome to the world where you can get a lot of positive emotions! Here you have to meet a cool character. It’s a fun vegetable that can’t stop eating. In this game you have to constantly feed him and experiment on him. Here you will get many features that will make you crazy

Beautiful graphics and musical accompaniment will add bright colors while you play. You won’t be able to leave this place until you reach the end. By the way, there are several endings here. For this reason, you can do this several times so that there are no secrets from you!

Come up with your own dish!

In Mr.TomatoS your hero is always hungry. You have to give him food to satisfy his hunger. You can do this as many times as you like. At your disposal a huge number of different ingredients. You can give him them separately or combine them. In order to combine several products, you will need a blender.

The only problem is that this can be done with just two ingredients. Experiment with it! Identify all possible options and understand which one is better. You also need to monitor the reaction of the tomato. All emotions will be shown on his face.

Your main task is to make him happy. You need to find the right approach to make him smile. If he does not like what you have prepared for him, then he will feel bad. His face will become angry and perhaps he will even feel sick. It will be very interesting to play, despite the large number of rules.

You have to quickly familiarize yourself with them in order to use your abilities to the maximum. The game is designed for your imagination and creativity. Don’t be afraid to come up with something new! The main thing is not to harm your character!

Watch out for the evil tomato!

Not all foods can be thrown into a blender. If you combine lemon and red pepper, you get an explosive mixture. Your hero will definitely not like such a dish and he will become upset. You can also earn points for your progress. After each level you have the opportunity to visit the store. There is a fairly large selection of additional ingredients. Look around and find something new and interesting there. You will be able to add this to your character’s diet.

You can also play with bags. Each of them will contain products. You need to guess what and where lies. If defeated, the tomato will become angry. With every miss you make, his face will distort. After the tenth wrong hit, he will become a real monster. In this case, horror will begin, from which it will be difficult to get out. Your task will become more and more difficult. Over time, rare items will be added that are even harder to guess.

Do you want to see how your evil tomato will eat human body parts? You have to feed him such ugly things. This game is filled with a variety of moments. Here you can get joy and fun or fear! His voice and movements can scare anyone, especially children! Do your best not to piss him off! You have to face various problems that can disrupt your plans. Don’t panic, because it will make the challenge even more fun! Achieve cool results with your new friend!